Vacation project

I enjoy painting. Recently, I have discovered chalk paint, thanks to my friend Kayla at . She has some great ideas and encouragement- you should check out her blog! I digress…. There is a coffee table at my mom’s house that used to be in my room. I think it was a hand-me-down from somebody. During my last visit, I mentioned that I’d like to paint it and my mom liked that idea. With this in mind, I brought paint and supplies with me and got creative over the weekend.


It was such a beautiful October day. Temps in the low 70s, slight breeze. The perfect day for taking a project outside!


First, I lightly sanded the table. Technically, you don’t have to sand when using chalk paint, but I decided it couldn’t hurt.


This is the first coat. As you can see, it’s a messy paint job, without complete coverage. Another benefit of chalk paint: it’s perfect for a shabby-chique look!


This is the final color. I also used sandpaper to lightly distress the edges and legs. A creme wax is used for further distressing and also to finish the chalk paint. It is very porous and will chip if not finished properly.

I use Americana Decor products. You can buy them at Michael’s or Home Depot. I have made my own chalk paint using Kayla’s recipe she shared on her blog, but for the sake of bringing my supplies to Germany, I decided to go with ready-made for this project.

chalk paint is fun and easy- but be warned: it is terribly addicting! You simply cannot stop after just one project…


Dont say, I didn’t warn you!!!