Welcome back!

It has been several weeks since my last post, and there are still a few excursions in Germany that I want to write about. First, I have to catch you up on some of the goings-on around here:

1) Little Bit has his first (and now second) tooth!

2) Little Bit has learned to consistently roll over and has expanded his circle of playtime in our living room. Obviously, leaving him on my bed or even taking my hand off him on the changing table are no longer an option!

3) GERMANY WON THE SOCCER WORLD CUP! Oh yeah, that was a biggie at our house. I remember being 13 when they won it in 1990 (yes, I did just give away my age!) and this year my oldest is 13. It was providential that they should win… and it really was TIME!!!



4) P is absolutely HOT for tennis these days. Last week he played every single day of the week, this week he had to “miss” a day, due to the inconvenience of being taken to Six Flags by a friend…:-) Next week, he and his team will be playing at the USTA State Championships in Macon, GA. They have all been working so hard at their game, I am excited to see, what Macon holds for them this year.

5) J is happiest when in the water or with a friend, or preferably, BOTH. He has had the great experience of jumping off both the 3m board and the 5m tower in Germany, and he did repeated flips off the 1m board as well. Sometimes I wonder if he would be better served on a swim team than tennis lessons….

6) I am coming to the realization, that we only have a few more weeks before school starts back and have begun some minor planning. At some point, I will need to kick that into a little higher gear. We have taken the entire summer off, not even done any formal reading. I have ENJOYED it as much as my boys have. We have not been bored and have had the freedom to do some other things, such as finishing Little Bit’s room (it only took 7 months….), reading a novel- actually, two!, and I have rediscovered homeopathy and have immersed myself in studying more about different remedies that fit for the individual members of my family. (More on that later!)

7) The Man is keeping busy with his bees. He has his first batch of honey harvest put away, which was very exciting to him. He ahs grown his bees from 1 hive to 3 this year, 2 of which are doing well. His third hive he calls his “experiment hive.” It has some issues and he is trying different techniques to help it thrive. I am working on having him write a post or two about his endeavor.

What have YOU done this summer? Please do share in the comment section. I would love to hear from you!

Meet Yvonne

I’m a wife to a wonderful and devoted man, a mother to three active, funny, and kind boys, a daughter of Christ. I enjoy many things, including sewing, paper crafts, home improvement DIY, and all sorts of other fun things I can do with my hands. I like to exercise, namely running and riding bikes, and I enjoy hanging out with friends and sharing a good cup of coffee or tea. I also truly love my profession as a Labor and Delivery RN, and my not-so-profession as a teacher in our homeschool, which my kids affectionately call Fluffy Bunny Academy. I’m also an alien, immigrant, transplant. In short- a Jane of Many Trades so to speak. I know a little about a lot of things and am looking forward to sharing what I have to say!