Week 4- Putting it back together… slowly…

~hi there!

Drywall!!! yes, week 4 is dominated by drywall installation and finishing. Not much for us to do, this job we completely hired out.

Bobby spent his evenings working on the chicken’s new home. We found a structure on our property, a little roof with 4 legs. He build a 6×6 platform and together, including teenage muscle, we moved the structure onto the platform. He then enclosed it, added 2 $5 windows form the Restore and cut down the door (you know, the one to the bathroom that we ended up enclosing) to size for the new coop. Next came nesting boxes and the finer details for a chicken home.

The only thing left now is an exterior run, but as he’s utilizing part of the existing garden, 2 sides of that are already done as well. I will add a picture once its all done.

Nothing else exciting going on this week, at least not at the house. My nephew was in town, so we took a fun trip to a nearby creek to escape the heat:

IMG_3093 IMG_3069 IMG_3073 IMG_3087 IMG_3097

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