Week 3- The hero and the clowns

hello again!

Work is coming along nicely at the Finny Farm. Beginning week 3 we were finally able to bring in our electrician. We needed a separate circuit for a dishwasher, which means we got a whole new sub panel, which in turn means we now have a lot more capability for future circuits, etc.
With the ceilings ripped out we also had a blank canvas for lighting options, a big must, due to the house being relatively dark. Of course, we also hit a few minor bumps in the road this week, but hero Steve, our trusted electrician, was able to sort out wiring, clean up circuits, and install 3 way switches, as well as clean up the old 3 way wiring (and No! you absolutely CANNOT use the ground wire as your third “hot” wire… well, you can, but you absolutely should not!) Thank you, hero Steve for catching that and cleaning it up!

This week we also ordered new windows for the house. Snag number 2: the window “deal” ends up almost doubling in price by the time you add low-e argon and exterior wrapping into the price. Ok, we will only do half the windows at this point in time…

We were working hard in the heat (still no AC/insulation) and I felt terrible for the hero, who was stuck all day in our oven. So we decided to bring in the clowns. Of course, we had had no idea they would become the clowns when we hired them, but I want you to know that it is a term we use lovingly. The clowns brought with them a truck, machinery, and a whole lot of spray foam insulation. They failed to mention that hero would not be able to work due to fumes, they also failed to mention the TERRIBLE mess they would make. But by the end of the week we had a nicely insulated house, a running AC, and a mess on our hands that I still shake my head over!




This is the inside look at our “cave”!

As we are beginning to put our house back together, we do have a tip or two to share:

– recessed Halo cans can be easily screwed to the joists. Don’t bother using the nails that are pre fitted- half of them bend on first impact.

– place your cans far enough away from any ceiling fans in order to avoid strobing!

– connecting cans is easy-peasy. White to white, black to black, ground to ground- with handy dandy clips. Wow! I can be a hero, too?

…until next week


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