Week 2- More demolition and why we won’t move in within a month


I realize that we are well within week 5 of our rehab and construction project, but time has been scant and I have felt it difficult to muster up the energy to write after a long night’s work. We have moved on to paint, but that’s really for a later post (look for the official week 5 post in about a year or so- ha!)

Week 2 ended up being a lot more demolition than we thought. We had offered up materials on Facebook and had quite a number of responses, but in the end only one person came to pick up a few pieces, after helping for half a day in the smoldering heat. Because we had tried to preserve the ceiling tile and insulation, tear out took a whole lot longer. Lesson learned: we won’t offer up anything for free on Facebook again.

That’s not the only reason why demo took longer, though. The lovely fake marble vinyl wall in the bathroom ended up only being basically coated cardboard, which did not withstand the powers of Demolition-Bobby and his crow bar. So went the walls… and then the vanities… and then the toilet… So, so very sad (*insert sarcasm here). Which means the main bathroom of the house will get a complete remodel! yeah!



(This weird bathroom access no longer exists!)

We have now torn out all the dropped ceiling, most of the trim around the doors, the bathroom, and all the insulation. Finally time for the electrician to come over and work his magic!

Things we have learned in week 2:

– The dumpster size you picked, will most likely end up being too small… we WAY underestimated the amount of debris coming out.

– Having a dumpster delivered prior to beginning demolition would be advisable.

– Ceiling tile plus insulation materials piled in the front yard PLUS heavy rain fall = heavy, messy, and difficult clean up!

– A paid teenager  is a more motivated worker!

– Record heat wave plus no AC make for exponential consumption of water and Powerade.

– Birthdays are for taking the night off from the project.

I wish I had more DIY wisdom to share at this point, but fear not, we will get to the point of putting the house back together eventually!


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