New Home Remodel -Week 1

Yes, I am a little behind on the posts- we are in the middle of week 3 of the remodeling project of our recently purchased home. Here is what happened…

On May 3rd I stumbled upon a listing of nearly 15 acres of land in the heart of our county- close to friends, close to schools, in short, in near proximity to our current life…

Fast forward to June 12, we are now proud owners of what we affectionately call our “Finny Farm.” Yes, 14.75 acres of partially wooded, partially pastured land, as well as a large fenced garden area. We are also proud owners of a brick box we now call home, a sturdy structure in dire need of renovation and updating.

Week 1 consisted mainly of demolition. We learned a lot, sweat a lot, lost sleep, doubted, and also had tons of fun! Here are some of the highs and low:


1) The temperature- a record high in Georgia for June this year, correlating exactly with the two weeks we were out of air conditioning and out of insulation. at one point the thermostat in the bedroom read 120F!

2) Meeting new people and being able to share some building materials that we were tearing out.

3) Rejoicing in our hearts while overlooking our beautiful new piece of land!

4) Seeing our teen working side by side with his friend, having fun while earning a little extra cash

5) Being able to stay at the house of dear friends while they were out of town, a mere 1.3 miles from our new place, making travel back and forth much easier and allowing us to work later into the evening.

The Lows:

1) Not having the dumpster arrive until Friday- with 5 days worth of demolition debris piling up in our front yard

2) Insulation, long sleeves, masks, and the high temps= not a good combination!

3) Rain on ceiling tile and insulation in the yard makes clean up so much harder!

4) Realizing it will be A LOT longer than we thought before we can move in. It sure looks so much easier on HGTV!


Picture of the back yard on moving day!


Our favorite little helper!

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