Heart Model


Once a a semester we get lucky. That ONE presentation that hits it out of the park! We strive to have our kids share meaningful information in class, but what’s deemed meaningful to us may not be meaningful to them. If you’re a CC mom you know what I’m talking about. Our kids have weekly presentations, and especially for the younger ones it’s often more a show-and-tell type experience. I have seen everything from stuffed animals, to recited poems, to live chickens, favorite books, you name it. But then there was the Lego model of the Bastille, reinforcing the French Revolution. And the Axial Skeleton model made with pool noodle pieces for vertebrae and a baseball helmet for the skull. Don’t I wish I’d thought of those…

Yesterday was my boy’s day to shine! We have been talking about the heart and how it circulates the blood, etc. He was getting quite confused with deoxygenated blood and oxygenated blood and the different vessels, so we used an idea we found in our textbook and build a model of the heart, demonstrating the blood flow.

4 graham crackers became the chambers of the heart. Red and blue icing was used for oxygenated vs deoxygenated blood respectively. We talked about arteries and veins, particularly the most major ones. Large marshmallow turned into Vena Cava and Aorta, small marshmallows became pulmonary vessels.

image image

He proudly displayed his work at our community day and showed it to those that wouldn’t be seeing his class presentation. I love it when our kids are proud of their work, because those are usually the things they remember well.. Whats best: he took it for snack! I have pictures to remember his hard work and don’t have to worry about when the appropriate time is to ditch the old science project. He simply took care of that!

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