Visiting Germany- jet lag and new babies

German in Georgia likes to travel, especially “home”! This week is fall break for my older two, so what better chance to snatch the baby and fly to meet the new nephew/cousin. This is my sisters first child, not even four weeks old, and I just had to get my hands on that little guy before he gets too big. I travelled with my babe, who’s 9 1/2 months now. Of course, he dwarfs the little man, but he earned his own accolades: what a great flyer he is! Airplane champion! Joyful travel buddy! Today, on day three, he has almost conquered his jet lag. There are all these theories out there on what the best way is to overcome jet lag and time changes, but try as I might, they just don’t work on babies. They have their inner clock and feeding needs. They don’t care that the clock says 1.40am! That’s his bedtime- in GA, so that’s when he fell asleep the first night. Fresh air and long walks on days 2 and 3 have made it a little easier to go to bed earlier: midnight on day 2 and 9 pm last night. Score!

I’m getting more sleep than my sister! At barely 4 weeks, they are in the middle of baby bootcamp. I remember the feeling: up in all wee hours of the night, with an otherwise quiet house, knowing that everybody else is soundly sleeping, and longing to be asleep as well. It’s funny how you feel like you may never sleep again, and a few short months later you’re up only once, or not at all. It passes, and thankfully we forget…otherwise we might go extinct!

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